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Find the best importer

We can partner you with the finest importers

Finding the right importer in an unfamiliar overseas market is a daunting task; knowing who is effective in the market, who employs knowledgeable sales reps and who is financially stable, is rarely obvious.

VinAccessGlobal has existing relationships with myriad importers in markets across Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. It’s our job to take the stress and risk out of your choice of importer, so you can focus on doing what you do best!

Penetrate new markets

Growing your wine export business is what we do best

With collectively over 100 years of experience in the industry, we have developed an extensive network of top wine importers and distributors across hard to penetrate markets. We endeavour to find the best distributor for your brand, and work closely with them to grow your business.

Building a relationship takes time and requires effective communication. Different time zones and various languages present unique challenges; our associates are based across different time zones, and speak several languages, enabling frequent and prompt communication between all parties.

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How we can help

Your reliable market-based partner

We can oversee all aspects of importer liaison, act as your representative in the market, and focus the distributor’s sales team on your top priorities.

Product training

We can conduct product training sessions for staff and trade.

Wine Tasting Sessions

We can host events such as consumer tastings and wine dinners on your behalf.

Market research

We can assist in planning market visits, ensuring effective use of your valuable time.

Pricing & promotion

We can assist in pricing strategy through a spreadsheet extrapolating base EXW prices to retail, restaurant and BTG in all our markets.

Labelling requirements

We can advise on labelling and packaging requirements for all markets.

Registration & terms

We can guide you through product registration in complicated markets such as Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. We can also help negotiate terms of trade.

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Interested in becoming a partner?

We don’t charge a penny until the first sale is made and fully paid.

Before signing up a producer we need to receive full product details, pricing and samples, and ideally a zoom tasting with the winemaking team. For more information, drop us an email or give us a call.

There is absolutely no risk engaging our services. If we don’t deliver, it will have cost you nothing!


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