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High-quality, terroir-driven wines with a modern taste

EXOPTO was founded in 2003 by Tom Puyaubert, a Frenchman who fell in love with the La Rioja region of Spain. The winery is dedicated to traditional winemaking techniques; the vineyards are managed with horses rather than tractors and increasingly Tom is applying biodynamic practices.

Wine critics are full of praise for Tom’s wines which they have hailed as the new, modern style of Rioja. The wines are all about fruit and freshness and are a lifetime away from the slightly dusty, vanilla infused Riojas that abounded at the end of the last century.

The grapes for Exopto are sourced from 30 vineyard parcels totalling 22 hectares, with around half the vines over 60 years old. Bozeto de Exopto Tinto is a young Rioja made from Tempranillo grapes. Horizonte de Exopto is mostly Tempranillo with 20% Graciano and Garnacha. La Mimbrera and Espinal are wines from single vineyard sites. La Mimbrera is made from Graciano from vines that are over 100 years old. Espinal is made from Madurana Tinto and is aged 15 months in oak barrels.

EXOPTO also produces a Rose and a selection of white wines from traditional varietals, Malvasia, Viura and Garnacha Blanca.

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Bozeto de Exopto


Focussed on expressing the distinct character of the La Rioja region – read tasting notes
Bozeto de Exopto

Bozeto de Exopto 2021

Exopto La Mimbrera Graciano

Exopto La Mimbrera Graciano 2020



El Espinal Exopto

Exopto El Espinal 2020

El Bernate Exopto

Exopto El Bernate 2020

Horizonte de Exopto red

Horizonte de Exopto 2020

Horizonte de Exopto white

Horizonte de Exopto Blanco 2020

Exopto La Mimbrera Coupage Tradicional

Exopto La Mimbrera Coupage Tradicional 2019

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“I first heard about Exopto from an old friend, an ex-colleague from the Freixenet group who had left to start his own exciting project in Galicia. We started working with the winery in 2021. Exopto means “to desire greatly” in Latin, and is the name chosen by the French winemaker Tom Puyaubert for his vineyard project in Laguardia, Rioja Alavesa, in 2003.”

A few words from Tom Puyaubert, Founder of EXOPTO

“Testimonial coming soon…”

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